Chinese Inspired. American Crafted.

The Challenge

Change the perception of Panda Express as "fake" Chinese food and create an entirely new identity.

The Insight

More and more people are embracing brands that stand for inclusivity and multiculturalism.

The Idea

Started by a Chinese immigrant family in the US, Panda Express needed to embrace their true identity as American Chinese. Delivering a “Chinese Inspired, American Crafted” message in everything they do.

In-Store Signage


An American Dream, made in a Chinese kitchen.

Chinese New Year brings billions together in China every year, but most Americans don’t celebrate it or even know what it is. As a self-appointed ambassador of Chinese culture in America, Panda Express aimed to make Chinese New Year as mainstream as Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day.

Ads and Packaging

Orange Chicken Promotion

Five Flavor Shrimp Video

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