As a small independent agency, our focus is on growing business. At Bailey Lauerman, that’s done by tapping into a habitually overlooked segment of America in meaningful ways that expand market base. There’s an entire population between the coasts that’s misunderstood and painted with a broad brush. This diverse market represents 92% of Americans that live outside the top 10 largest cities in the United States, and brands seem to struggle to develop an authentic connection with them. We call this 92%, “The Everything In-Between,” or the EIB. 

We bring insight and understanding of these overlooked segments that help reshape marketing plans, open doors to larger opportunities and liberate our client’s brands with breakthrough work. What better way to do that than by partnering brands with users who actually represent the EIB? So BLPR launched the EIB Influencer Network.


The EIB Influencer Network™ is a collection of bloggers and tastemakers who represent the pride, values, attitudes and opinions of the 92% of Americans that live outside of our 10 largest cities. Because they do, too.

Through this network, our clients collaborate with influencers working across digital platforms to more authentically connect to people that may not look to the filtered, perfect urban life influencers of New York and Los Angeles.

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For us, it comes down to these three core tenets:


Do that by fully committing to mastering your craft, whatever it happens to be. Strive to make it world-class. Never stop learning. Be meticulous. Champion honest feedback by giving and receiving it.


Clients expect it. Everyone in the agency expects it. Be considerate of others and keep your promises. Listen well. Act appropriately. Take initiative. And exhibit a positive “can-do” attitude.


Promote the spirit of Bailey Lauerman innovation through your actions. Look for and pursue the potential in every idea. Stay curious. Explore unknown territories. Have the audacity to suggest the never-tried.

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Omaha, itself, is a great example of The Everything In Between not being understood. It might be surprising to hear that Omaha ranks eighth among the nation’s 50 largest cities in both per-capita billionaires and Fortune 500 companies. Or that 109 different languages are spoken in the Omaha Public School System compared to 92 in the Los Angeles Public School System.