As a full-service agency, we specialize in working with brands to authentically connect with a diverse part of America outside of the ten largest cities. Why? Because that is where 92% of Americans live. We refer to that 92% as The Everything In-Between, or the EIB.

The Everything In-Between is a place. A mindset. A complex collection of the population centrally important to scaling organizations but often overlooked by marketers. A group of people that can no longer just be flown over. Over-generalized, de-prioritized.

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92% of Americans Live Outside the Top 10 Largest Cities

What distinguishes the EIB from the rest of the U.S. population is not where they live, but how they live. They share a set of core values that makes them unique. They are often misunderstood and even looked down upon, yet their simple lifestyle is coveted by many.

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Understanding The Everything In-Between

We have a broad-based knowledge of the Americans in the EIB. We have a firm grasp of the complexity of this audience and an appreciation of the values, interests and attitudes of the everyday American Citizen. We understand their values because we share them.

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Creating Authentic Connections

Brands often struggle to develop an authentic connection with the EIB. As a small, independent agency, our focus is on tapping into the EIB in meaningful ways that expand market base.  It doesn’t mean we’re “anti-big city.” We just focus our ideas on those that scale within this vast intermediate space and have broad appeal.

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BL INTEL Research Platform

To better understand a diverse, complex America, we launched BL INTEL. This research platform allows us to gather insights on opportunities, issues, preferences and social conversations across any category, any audience segment, and any part of the country in near real-time.

BL INTEL includes access to a panel of more than 1 million people from across the U.S. and provides the ability to execute a one-time inquiry or recurring research. Brands can also access our social listening and analytics tool, NetBase, or the EIB Influencer Network to get a pulse on EIB culture and current brand sentiment.


We've identified three core values from The Everything In-Between that guide the strategy behind our work.


Faith has become an intuitive lens from which they see the world. Faith in religion but also faith in people and community and in companies to do the right thing. This plays an important role in shaping the EIB’s opinions and decisions.


Greater emphasis on the fundamental aspects and values of life. Family time and developing a meaningful career are prioritized over achieving social success and wealth.

Pride of Place

Very comfortable with who they are and where they live. Aware of the cultural differences that make them unique, and take pride in living up to the pioneering spirit that remains at the heart of America’s soul.


Real people with real followers who help us connect authentically with the 92%.



We believe that complexity inhibits. Simplicity allows.


We create functional strategies and execute them to perfection.


We appeal to, and reflect, the values of the EIB.


Leveraging the right media mix and partners to reach the EIB.