100 Days of Sunshine

The Challenge

Brand a commodity product with a premium price to create preference and drive sales velocity during a limited selling window.

The Insight

Moms want their kids to grow up connected, in a meaningful way, to the foods they eat. They want positive, wholesome brands in their kids’ lives.

The Idea

Promote the limited availability of Cuties to millennial moms by highlighting and branding the first three months of the selling season — 100 Days of Sunshine.


Sharing Sunshine With Those You Love

Branding Cuties season as 100 Days of Sunshine, we created a movement that encouraged families to share sweetness during the three plus months Cuties were available—a time of year when days are shorter and the holidays are in full swing. Anchored by a partnership with iHeartMedia, we leveraged OOH, digital, targeted radio and influencers such as Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez to engage our audience in multiple ways, every day of the campaign.



Social Media


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