What Hard Workers Deserve

The Challenge

Despite being well-known globally, in North America the brand struggled to find ownable space and communicate its brand positioning of “simplification” and “well-being.”

The Insight

We found health/well-being to be a major brand strength, which led us to ergonomics as a space Bosch could uniquely own—which is equal parts user benefit and design philosophy.

The Idea

Construction workers rarely find themselves in ideal conditions, and yet they do their very best in any situation. That’s why Bosch designs power tools with both the work and the worker in mind.

:30 Hero Video

Built for Workers

Our first campaign, “What Hard Workers Deserve,” is the first execution of the brand strategy that focuses on Bosch Tools’ product-design philosophy. The campaign features the engineering behind the company’s power tools—and in some extreme situations—which are designed to meet the demands of construction and trade workers on the job.

We partnered with Nick Offerman, a long-time Bosch tool user who purchased his first jigsaw almost 30 years ago, as the voice of the new campaign. “I don’t have any fancy advertising slogans to offer here—all I know is that I have always turned to these tools when I want to perform hard work as efficiently and accurately as possible,” said Offerman. Through a series of content launching across streaming TV, radio and social media, his iconic voice celebrates the tough work of trade workers and illustrates how Bosch engineers its tools to be ergonomic and efficient, and to support career longevity.


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