Night Vision Has Evolved

The Challenge

Maintain Bosch’s market share with a premium product line in a low-interest category in which most consumers believe the offerings are generally all the same.

The Insight

More than 40% of drivers report anxiety driving at night by age 40. Driving at night—and in inclement weather—is a dangerous proposition that requires every advantage.

The Idea

Bosch’s first-of-their-kind night-performance wipers aren’t just an innovative blade that reduces blur and glare at night—they’re an evolution for humankind.

:30 TV Spot

to the dangers of driving on stormy nights

Bosch night-focused wipers needed a creative solution that was just as inventive as the product itself. With a media plan heavily focused on video, Bailey Lauerman developed a visually arresting campaign, replacing the eyes of Bosch drivers with the eyes of various night creatures—including lizards, owls, cats and frogs—as they navigate the streets on an extremely stormy night.

Leading with high-profile TV moments and highly targeted, weather-triggered media, the campaign strategy also included CTV, YouTube, digital and traditional radio, paid social and social influencers. BL also led the development of an Instagram and Facebook augmented-reality filter that allowed users to experience the same visual superpower as the drivers in our TV spot. This tactic was focused on getting a younger audience to engage with the Bosch wipers brand in a new and different way.


Instagram AR Filter