Health Insurance Reimagined

The Challenge

In a risk-averse industry, a successful product is built around proven results rather than just the “promise” of a better healthcare experience. We needed to get brokers and employers excited about a truly innovative product before the open-enrollment season.

The Insight

Research data from the test market showed that once people used the Surest app, they began to understand, and more importantly, believe, that this new approach to healthcare was a game changer that employees would love.

The Idea

Simply show the app in action, providing the type of information we all expect from any other shopping experience. Upfront pricing. No deductibles. Choice of provider. All visible before any treatment takes place. Wait, that’s different.

Campaign Video


We created a campaign targeted to key brokers and employers. Using geotargeting and third-party data sources, our audience was served creative messages through digital ads, video, paid LinkedIn and native and rich media.

The campaign is now launching its second rollout phase, utilizing key learnings from phase one. Video performance dominated the results across multiple channels, with view-completion rates nearly 10% above benchmarks and CTRs 116% above benchmarks.