June 17, 2024

Bailey Lauerman Announces The Social Media Minute

Our social team has been working on an exciting offering over the past few months: The Social Media Minute, a must-have newsletter for anyone looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of social.

We stay on top of the ever-changing social media trends so you don’t have to. But really, our social team averages an embarrassingly high average amount of screen time each week. Whether for client work or personal curiosity, we’re constantly immersed in the latest sounds, cultural moments, and intriguing trends shaping our social feeds.

When you subscribe to The Social Media Minute, you’ll receive the latest social media trends and news delivered straight to your inbox every two weeks. Designed to fit into your busy schedule seamlessly, this newsletter ensures you will stay informed about rising social media trends and applicable tips for activating them on your brand’s channels within minutes.

Discover which top TikTok trends or Instagram Reel trends your brand should be tracking in real time and learn how to effectively implement them. Gain insight into what’s gaining traction on Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, X, and TikTok as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make each platform work for you. Think of us as your social confidantes, pop-culture gurus, and strategic counsel—always in the loop and one step ahead on social buzz, so you can take one more thing off your plate.

Check out the latest release of The Social Media Minute below to see what you can expect.

Interested in leveling up your brand’s social game? Let us introduce ourselves and provide you with an hour of free consulting services. Whether you need help building a social strategy, are looking to launch a new TikTok channel, or just want to make sure what you’re posting isn’t “cringe,” we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Reach out to our Head of PR and Social, Emily Mazurek, to chat.

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