August 12, 2014

Sharp Individuals Help Make a Well-Rounded Team

What has long been referred to as account service is about to take on new meaning within our organization.

As a result of the complexities modern day marketers face, we observed an opportunity and an ever-increasing need to bring the brands we serve an unprecedented level of proactive thinking, strategic business counsel, internal and partner integration, and ongoing collaboration.

And, industry consultant Meghan McDonnell noted in her piece for Advertising Age, “we’re hearing from many clients that, once again, the core components of account management—strategy, leadership and relationship-building—are missing from their partnerships.”

Quite simply, we need to think differently about how we work, and as importantly, how we’re structured.

So, we’ve created a fused offering—Brand Strategy and Management.

Each brand we serve will have two main points of contact: a lead brand strategist, partnered with an assigned brand manager. This dynamic duo is intended to allow our teams to deliver in the most valued areas of our partnerships: strategy and proactive thinking, coupled with flawless execution.

Our brand strategists come from diverse backgrounds—from leading some of America’s largest brands within an agency, to working for Fortune 500 companies, to working within top research firms and everything in between—and simply have an innate curiosity, drive and ambition to help positively affect a brand’s trajectory by inspiring new, highly imaginative thinking and approaches.

Our brand managers specialize in the defined. Once an approach is agreed to, a plan is set for our brand managers to go to work. One part banker, one part wrangler and one part air traffic controller, each brand manager’s responsibility is to keep the agency’s work on schedule and on budget. And, if they aren’t busy keeping our teams on track, they’re likely organizing a kickball league, a book club or planning a friend’s milestone birthday party.

While many would say it’s difficult to be hired at Bailey Lauerman as a copywriter or art director because our creative standards are so high, our brand strategists and brand managers have an equally challenging path. We believe that our clients like it that way.


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