August 1, 2014

Pro-Bono Campaign Receives Recognition at Advertising Age’s Small Agency Awards

For the third year in a row, Advertising Age recognized work from Bailey Lauerman with a Small Agency Award. In an encore to their 2013 National Small Agency of the Year recognition, the agency’s “Zooglies” campaign for Lincoln Children’s Zoo was awarded the Silver Pro-Bono Campaign of the Year at the publication’s Small Agency Conference in Austin, Texas. Bailey Lauerman was also recognized in 2012 as the Midwest Small Agency of the Year.

“Being recognized three years in a row among so many great small agencies across the country is truly an honor,” said Rich Bailey, retired founder of Bailey Lauerman, who was on hand at the awards presentation. “Recognition for work that supports a great non-profit like the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in the community in which we were founded, coupled with the honor of passing our Small Agency of the Year Award to the 2014 recipient, was an experience we’ll not soon forget.”

The Zooglies campaign drew from the imagination of children to create a series of 12 “Zooglies” – characters that represent a child’s wonder of all they see and experience at the zoo. With names like Scorfle Dork, Horn Flopper and Bibbly Bear, the Zooglies came to life on billboards and promotional materials throughout the Zoo and in animated video and radio spots—all bringing to life the amazing creatures that kids love to visit at the zoo.

“The impact that a great children’s zoo has on a child’s imagination goes beyond just having new things to see. That’s what this campaign captured so well,” said Carter Weitz, Chief Creative Officer for Bailey Lauerman.

The campaign helped Lincoln Children’s Zoo increase attendance by 18 percent over the previous year and set an all-time attendance record. In addition, annual memberships and summer camp attendance were also up over the previous year. Those results helped the campaign recently win a Gold Effie and aided in Bailey Lauerman being ranked number four on the list of “Most Effective Independently Held Agencies in North America” as measured by the Effie Effectiveness Index.


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