March 11, 2019

Phillips 66 Lubricants Encourages the Move to “Lower Visco City”

In the latest campaign for Phillips 66 Lubricants, Bailey Lauerman created a fictional haven, “Lower Visco City,” that’s built to attract heavy-duty truck fleets whose bottom lines stand to benefit from a specific Phillips 66 high-performing engine oil. To reach an audience who is always on the move, the integrated Lower Visco City campaign leverages hyper-targeted digital media to encourage audiences to make the move.

“The campaign’s target audience is narrow but influential, so rather than cast a wide net, we’ve filtered our demographics to pinpoint the most viable set of customers possible – those who we know through data analytics make decisions for fleets that meet every criterion necessary to reap this product’s benefits,” says Group Account Director, Jessica Jarosh. “We have strategically put our client’s dollars toward cultivating quality leads rather than sheer quantity.”

The campaign consists of hyper-targeted direct mail that was paired with geo-targeted digital display, followed by a cadenced email campaign. Sequential out-of-home billboards in select local markets will support the targeted campaign to truly surround decision makers with compelling reasons to switch their engine oil to the Phillips 66 product.


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