March 5, 2019

New BL INTEL Research Service Delivers Insights On Demand

To better understand a diverse, complex America, we have launched BL INTEL. This new research platform allows us to gather insights on opportunities, issues, and preferences across any category, any audience segment, and any part of the country in near real-time.

The panel consists of more than 1 million people from across the U.S. and provides the ability to execute a one-time inquiry or recurring research by retargeting a certain customer segment, to start a conversation to gather data and deeper insights.

Sample inquiries:

From rapid testing of new product and service ideas, to category insights and messaging validation, the BL INTEL platform has been a great resource for BL and our clients across entertainment, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and travel and tourism. Our strategists will review results and provide an insights report to go along with the raw data. When there is no time or budget for long, cumbersome research, this is the perfect solution.

To learn more about how BL INTEL could support your business goals, contact us.


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