August 31, 2017

Kendall Good Stuff Road Trip Explores Car Culture in The Everything In Between


However trite as it may sound, you simply cannot duplicate the experience of the open road. And that’s what Kendall Motor Oil was banking on when it kicked off the Good Stuff Road Trip this July.

“As a brand that’s steeped in this tradition of keeping our fans prepared to hit the open road, wherever that may be, it seemed only natural to take Kendall cross country,” Julie Wright, Kendall Brand Director, told Marketing Daily. “The ‘Good Stuff Road Trip’ was always about our drive to meet Kendall fans where they are, tell their stories and create lasting memories with our biggest enthusiasts.”

Along with Mecum Auctions, the world’s largest collector car auctioneer, Kendall and Bailey Lauerman road tripped more than 3,100 miles from Portland, Oregon to Bradford, Pennsylvania. At each of the eight pit stops along the way, the team chronicled stories spanning speed tests on the Bonneville salt flats to selling classic cars on the auction floor. To date, the video series has nearly 1M views and the Kendall Facebook page has gained more than 12,000 fans. More videos are planned to be released through the end of September.

“That mystique of the open road is what drives a lot of car culture today, and it’s thriving in these overlooked places between the coasts,” said Aaron Jarosh, digital strategist at BLNE. “The only way to authentically tell the stories of ‘flyover country’ is to drive through it, and who better to do that than American oil brand that’s been around for 136 years.”

Read more on the Kendall Good Stuff Road Trip in MediaPost, and watch the full series at

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