April 22, 2021

BL Launches Flyover Media Demand-Side Platform

From an agency in the heartland, comes a not-to-be-overlooked proprietary, demand-side platform used to strategize, plan, buy, optimize, and report digital media for our clients.

BL is proud to introduce Flyover Media, a new in-house DSP to lower CPM costs for our clients and provide better, real-time access to a much larger network of vendors, inventory, and impressions.

In addition to greater inventory access and CPM cost savings, our DSP provides a variety of targeting and data segmentation methods to reach any client’s desired audience.

This buying platform allows us to build out several campaigns by lifestyle, interests, shopping behaviors, and technology usage to determine the most successful ways to reach and engage our audiences. This direct access gives us control and flexibility to test, pivot, activate, and measure everything we manage.

So, what is a DSP?

DSP stands for demand-side platform. A system where media buyers can look at inventory across multiple publishers and bid on inventory in real-time. We are able to view different media channels and tactics in one place and execute a single buy for our clients versus negotiating with multiple publishers.

This allows BL to get campaigns into market faster, make optimizations more quickly, and create efficiencies and cost savings that we share back with our clients to help their media dollars go farther.

“I am excited to bring Flyover Media to our clients and provide even more digital solutions to the campaigns we produce. This knowledge and capability really allows us to be agile and efficient in an ever-changing digital environment.” – Megan Storm, BL Head of Media

Flyover Media creates workflow automation and provides additional business intelligence that informs our media strategies and optimizations.

The DSP also provides extensive digital targeting capabilities and access to several exchanges and unique data providers.

Adding the Flyover Media DSP to BL’s robust media practice presents additional strategic and financial value to our clients. We are able to remove the middleman, increase budget allocation to working media (lower publisher fees), provide greater access to diverse inventory and have more control over the campaign.

If you would like to learn more about how Flyover Media could improve your media effectiveness, reach out to BL’s Head of Media, Megan Storm.


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