February 18, 2019

BL’s EIB Influencer Network in Adweek

Bringing forward authentic micro-influencers from the heartland is a concept that is certainly resonating across America.

Bailey Lauerman’s Everything In-Between Influencer Network was featured in Adweek, CMO Today, and Smart Business as a refreshing point of view on helping brands connect and scale using tastemakers outside the top 10 largest cities with genuine followership and engagement.

The creation of the network is meant to achieve multiple goals for our agency and our clients.

  • Better understand the culture of the Everything In-Between
  • Create a peer-to-peer network with an underrepresented demographic
  • Identify up-and-coming voices and perspectives
  • Leverage the network for research and insights
  • Create realistic partnerships for our clients to leverage the network for thoughtful content creation

“After years in Los Angeles, working on major Television and Film Productions and building a reputation for photographing models, I realized that wasn’t the type of work I wanted to put out into the world.  I wanted to work with brands who had a purpose and aligned with my own passions. The EIB Influencer Network really embraces that.”

Luke Pearsall | Photographer, Producer, Visual Creative | EIB Influencer | Denver, CO

To build the network, we targeted content creators with a mid-size following between 30,000 and 300,000 followers. They have to live outside America’s top 10 largest cities and show real fan engagement. Unpretentious is key.

Read the full Adweek article here.


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