December 1, 2017

“Choose Wisely” Four-Part Video Series Promotes Effie’s Call For Entries

The North American Effie Awards in New York City tapped Bailey Lauerman to develop the 2018 Call for Entries campaign to encourage applicants to submit work that meets the advertising industry’s highest marketing effectiveness standards.

The campaign, “Choose Wisely,” was based on the premise that every decision made throughout the process of creating work has the potential to impact its outcome and effectiveness. The entertaining and tongue-in-cheek campaign centered on a four-part video series which followed the creative process from ideation and insights through to media and creative. Each of the animated videos featured discussions between departments as they make decisions leading to Effie-winning work.

The videos themselves feature workspaces indicative of the advertising industry, from tablet-laden conference rooms to messy desktops. Off-screen dialogue features conversations that happen during different milestones in the creative process, with on-screen graphics showing the instant impact of those conversations on the final campaign results. Decision tree-style static graphics accompanied the videos and appeared in Effie communications, and social channels including Facebook and Twitter.

“Working with Effie winners like Bailey Lauerman, who have proven themselves to be effective marketers, is important. They know what it takes to create and celebrate effective work and, just as important, learn from peers in the industry,” said Traci Alford, CEO and president of Effie Worldwide.

Read about the campaign in Mediapost and see the work at Little Black Book.


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