Positioning one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers on the planet.

People tinker and build. They invent and discover. They move the planet forward by constantly producing new contraptions, thingamajigs and gizmos. And those require lubrication. As new inventions and products find a path to the market, Phillips 66 Lubricants reduces the friction along the way, so that people can keep creating, building and moving forward.

With hundreds of formulations for thousands of applications engineered to keep any mechanism man creates operating at peek performance, Phillips 66 Lubricants has quite a story to tell. Summed up in the new brand position, “Keeping The World Running Smoothly,” Phillips 66 Lubricants set out to rightfully claim their higher purpose.

Along with the new brand position, we developed new packaging and a product naming convention for the Phillips 66 flagship brand, Shield. This passenger car line was introduced, along with a full line of heavy duty and industrial products through a campaign focused on customized lubricant solutions created for people and machinery with individualized needs. 

Brand Position

Package Design System

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