November 9, 2023

The biggest, roundest wiper ad in history

Bosch’s first-of-their-kind night-performance wipers aren’t just innovative blades that reduce blur and glare at night—they’re an evolution for humankind.

BL and Bosch Wipers introduced the “Night Vision Has Evolved” campaign earlier this year, highlighting the innovative product features through creative work that transformed drivers’ eyes into those of nocturnal creatures.

On the heels of strong retail sales, we looked for ways to extend our campaign during key trade shows AAPEX and SEMA, where hundreds of thousands of auto professionals, enthusiasts and retail partners gather in Las Vegas. We knew we needed to do something big.

To match Bosch’s product quality and innovation in our creative and media thinking, we turned the MSG Sphere arena in Las Vegas into the biggest, stormiest, nocturnal eyeball in the world.

The Sphere opened in late September in Las Vegas as the largest spherical building in the world, incorporating 875,000 square feet of LED display on its exterior, which makes it the largest screen in the world as well. Legendary rock bands U2 and Lady Gaga made history by playing the first-ever performance inside.

“Whether it’s weather-triggered media, social influencer partnerships, or high-impact executions, we are always looking at how to match Bosch quality and innovation in our media thinking. The Sphere, during AAPEX and SEMA, makes a statement not just about Bosch wiper technology but their leadership position in the industry.” – Megan Storm, Head of Media, Bailey Lauerman

Additional creative extensions during the trade show included Night Eyes donuts from award-winning couture doughnut and beignet patisserie, Alexandra Lourdes, and additional content activations from five auto-professional content creators, such as Brock Keen.

“The ‘Night Vision Has Evolved’ campaign has been a real success for Bosch. For the next round, we needed something spectacular. Vegas was the perfect alignment of time, place and target. So let’s put a giant, evolved Night Vision eyeball right in the middle of it. For us, the Sphere production was more than an ad, it was an event, shining brightly through a city known for its lights—the world’s largest hub at the center of a special campaign using all kinds of effective media.”
—Joey Googe, Creative Director, Bailey Lauerman


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