July 11, 2018

BLNE Announces Two Associate Promotions

Bailey Lauerman is proud to announce the promotion of two associates from the Omaha office.


Megan Storm has been promoted from Media Manager to Associate Media Director. Megan joined Bailey Lauerman in 2015 and brings 14 years of experience in media strategy, buying and planning. Starting her career at Bailey Lauerman as a Media Buyer/Planner, Megan held the position of Media Manager for one year before her promotion to Associate Media Director. Megan has delivered strong media strategy, planning and execution for national brands like Phillips 66 Lubricants, Kendall Motor Oil, Bosch ICON Windshield Wipers and Cuties.

“Megan has a firm grasp on the modern media and technology landscape and sees her role as both strategic and creative in programming ideas out into the world,” said Greg Andersen, CEO.


Jim Ma has been promoted from Designer to Senior Designer. Jim joined Bailey Lauerman in 2016 after graduating from of the University of Nebraska-Kearney with a degree in Design and Visual Communications. Jim has been an integral part of the Phillips 66 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil teams, bringing valued insight into the automotive industry to life through thoughtful execution and integration of design.

“There just is something about Jim that won’t allow him to call a project finished until it has been worked, reworked, and then reworked again,” said Carter Weitz, Chief Creative Officer. “The result is always something very beautiful…he has a talent and energy that can’t be contained.”



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