November 7, 2018

BL Announces Launch of The Everything In-Between Influencer Network

Bailey Lauerman, the Nebraska agency that has taken the lead nationally in promoting the importance of authentically understanding the complexities of America from the inside out, has launched a unique network made up of influencers from outside of America’s 10 largest cities.

Believing that the big business of macro-influencers and influencer marketing is losing its authenticity and relatability with many Americans, the agency has partnered with hundreds of influencers across a range of geographies, verticals and platforms to offer marketers small-and mid-sized influencer communities with higher engagement, lower cost and less follower fraud.


“My husband and I live in rural Indiana because we want to, not because we have to. We could choose to live in any place in the world, but we have chosen to live here because it is clean, friendly, beautiful, affordable and ultimately because it feels like home. Living in Indiana has given us the opportunity to build our dream from a very young age, while still being able to afford to explore the rest of the world at the drop of a hat. Life here is full and happy.”

Kelsey Johnston


“Kentucky is, and will always be, my one true love. I try to make that clear in each post. I am authentic, truthful, and I work with brands that I fully believe in. I am plus-size, male, and I represent a demographic that is often underserved or under-represented in mainstream media.”

JC Phelps


“Bloggers today cast the idea that we do everything just right all the time, and many shift based on what the crowd is doing. I’m a farmer, living away from the big cities and I stick to what I know and love. I think staying true to what speaks to you is important. I don’t sway with trends (even though sometimes I wish I could!) and I love to just be myself. I think people appreciate seeing that life isn’t always smooth–because theirs isn’t either and we bond over that!”

Rachel Ballard


“My audience wants to be on top of food trends, the latest workout, the hot styles, etc…even though they may live outside of the major DMAs. I love that I am able to bring them a bit of that when it comes to food, lifestyle and fitness content through my blog!”

Jen Eddins

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