August 2, 2017

Bailey Lauerman Receives Platinum from Graphis Advertising 2017

Bailey Lauerman struck platinum. For the third time in company history, we are pleased to be bringing home a platinum Graphis award, this time for Nebraska Tourism Commission’s “Airstream at Night” print ad. Nebraska Tourism went on to win two more golds, while a poster campaign for the Lincoln Children’s Zoo received a gold as well. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum “Pennants” campaign walked home with a silver.


Nebraska Tourism Commission
“Airstream at Night” Print Ad


Nebraska Tourism Commission
“Sandhills Piggyback” Print Ad

Nebraska Tourism Commission
“Epic Golf, Epic Toadstool Park, Epic Camping” Print Ad Campaign

Lincoln Children’s Zoo
“Because You Might Miss It the First Time” Poster Campaign


Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
“Pennants” Poster Campaign


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