April 7, 2016

Bailey Lauerman Launches New Campaign For CommunityAmerica

During a time when consumers continue to have diminished trust in financial institutions and face an uncertain future for the economy, a Kansas City-based financial institution is using their marketing spend to remind consumers that being wealthy has more to do with how you live your life and less to do with how much money is in your account.

Bailey Lauerman worked with CommunityAmerica, one of the largest credit unions in the country, to develop a campaign that would remind consumers that there is a financial institution that is focused on the total well-being of its members, not just its profitability.

“Since the 2008 financial crisis, banks and financial institutions have struggled to regain consumer trust. In fact, research shows consumers’ feelings basically haven’t changed,” said Matt Johnson, marketing director, communications for CommunityAmerica. “We wanted to demonstrate that it does matter where you choose to put your money. And that when you choose CommunityAmerica, you’re choosing an organization that helps you live a meaningful life, not just one that is focused on increasing account balances.”

The campaign features real CommunityAmerica members’ responses to what “wealth” means. They’re then shown pictures of important and influential people and moments in their lives, with the hope that their definition of “wealth” is, in fact, a whole lot more. And, they get a surprise demonstration of that, courtesy of CommunityAmerica. The work can be viewed here.

“This work is a big departure from traditional financial marketing that tends to focus on products, rates and tangible ‘benefits’ of banking,” said Carter Weitz, chief creative officer for Bailey Lauerman. “Consumers today – especially millennials – want to know that the brands they associate with stand for something bigger. This campaign is a very genuine, simple and tangible expression of that for CommunityAmerica.”

The Make Today Wealthy campaign debuted with a local-market spot right before the Super Bowl, and continues with additional TV, digital, radio and extended video content.


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