March 1, 2017

Adweek Features Bailey Lauerman in Future of Agencies Edition


Ad Week

Trump’s presidency is not only prompting pollsters to re-examine the center of the country; brands are looking for meaningful ways to connect with consumers in the heartland, too. Adweek’s latest cover story, “Marketers Everywhere Are Rethinking Middle America Post-Trump,” examined how agencies are responding to client interest in this all-important demographic and the implications for brands willing to break out of their “bubble.” Adweek interviewed Bailey Lauerman CEO Greg Andersen alongside CP+B, BBDO and 72andSunny. “Not everyone wants the mid-century modern home, the vintage muscle car and the organic diet,” Andersen noted. “We need to recognize that, look into some other bubbles and step inside of them to see what they’re really all about. On an individual level, we’re actually quite different.”

Read more on marketing to an untapped segment in a part of the country we refer to as “The Everything In Between™” in Adweek’s latest issue.


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