May 20, 2022

2022 Bailey Lauerman Fund for Student Opportunity Scholarship Winner.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to increased DE&I and our dedication to bringing more diverse voices and perspectives to our industry, we’re proud to award the 2022 Bailey Lauerman Fund for Student Opportunity scholarship to incoming UNL senior Dulce Isabel Garcia. Dulce was selected in recognition of her commitment to uplifting BIPOC student voices and supporting marginalized groups and individuals on campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

As a leader and mentor for an impressive array of campus organizations, Dulce says, “My driving force in everything I do has always been to help create safer, more equitable spaces for BIPOC folks and other marginalized communities. I am so fortunate to live and go to school in a community with vastly different people, cultures, and communities, and I have not taken that for granted.”

Dulce is president of Define American, a campus organization which uses media and storytelling to fight immigrant hate. She joined the group as a freshman, explaining, “Growing up a Latina in a predominately white school and community, I’ve always wanted to see more diversity and inclusivity. Stepping onto campus and into places like the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center for the first time felt like coming home, and I embraced the diversity around me wholeheartedly.” Define American hosts a week-long educational event called UNDOCU, fundraises for their scholarship program, and pushes to end the use of the harmful term “illegal immigrant”.

As part of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) Committee for Campus Life & Safety, she’s working on a personal project that reminds her of her own privilege. “I’m [creating] a map with all the accessible door entrances and gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, which will be implemented in the Nebraska App.”

Through her internship with the E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues, she focuses on providing opportunities to lower socio-economic communities and communicating on issues of race, racial justice, and equity via social media platforms.

Bailey Lauerman CEO Greg Andersen says, “Dulce’s perspective on marketing communications is dead on. Every word matters. Every gesture matters. Each has the potential to make the world a better place. We’re very pleased to offer her this well-deserved scholarship. It’s a huge honor to support a student whose strong point of view and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is so integral to her goals.”

The Bailey Lauerman Fund for Student Opportunity builds upon BL’s long-standing relationship with the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The scholarship is available annually for incoming junior and senior ADPR students at UNL. For updates about next year’s scholarship, follow BL on social.


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