June 28, 2016

2016 Bailey Lauerman Experience Intern Team


We’re excited to welcome our 2016 Bailey Lauerman Experience intern team. These interns competed for —and won—the opportunity to join our annual summer program, offered to current and recently-graduated students from universities all across the country.

In June, seven students, all of whom share a passion for advertising, a strong work ethic and a readiness to work collaboratively on real projects for real clients, joined the Bailey Lauerman team.

These students (affectionately known as our BLXers) will work both independently and alongside agency mentors across a variety of assignments, and will contribute to our longstanding and successful partnership with Special Olympics Nebraska.

The BLXers bring tremendous value to our team. Not only do these students get an opportunity to experience the real world of advertising and enhance their skill sets, but they also bring a terrific level of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity that helps remind our entire agency just how dynamic the industry is.

2016 marks the sixth year of our BLX program and we’re thrilled to see the work these team members will produce throughout their eight weeks with us.

Meet Our BLX Team:

Alex Studer (Client Engagement)


Catherine Adams (Brand Strategy)


Jacob Runia (Brand Strategy)


Zoe Ursick (Creative, copywriting)


Bri Harding (Creative, design)


Sophie Connot (Creative, design)


Jenna Kruntorad (Consumer Connections)



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