Uniting the nation around the company that helped unite the states.

The American spirit wasn’t born. It was formed. Over time. From hard work and grit…from muscle and sweat…invention and brainpower…but most of all commitment. That’s the story of Union Pacific. And it began in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln penned the company into existence.

Almost 140 years later, we were asked to create a brand position that would help every American understand the importance that America’s largest railroad had — not only on the country’s past, but on its future. And the “Building America” campaign was born.

Our work also included collaboration on the design of UP No. 4141 George Bush Locomotive and Council Bluffs Baggage Car that participated in President George H.W. Bush’s funeral procession in December 2018. The custom painted 4141 locomotive incorporates the colors of Air Force One used during Mr. Bush’s presidency, originally designed by the legendary Raymond Loewy. The design stood for national pride and strength and bears the number 4141 in honor of the 41st president.

Through the years, our partnership with Union Pacific has helped the company become one of Forbes’s Most Admired Companies, and a Top 100 Most Beloved Brand, and ultimately helped the company achieve record profits, revenues and earnings several times over. But perhaps the most impact, as a part of the broader effort, has come from placing the American Flag on its locomotives. Solidifying in an iconic way the relationship between the company and the country — and helping to keep the American spirit alive and well.