Sharing the Sunshine With Those You Love

Cuties are loved by children and parents alike. These sweet, wholesome clementines are grown with love by a family of growers in California. For families, they’re a delicious, easy-to-eat snack everyone loves.

Last season, we invited families into the grove where Cuties are grown. This year, it was time to send Cuties out into the world to spread their sweetness and optimism. Cuties’ seasonality provided a great backdrop for an active, engaging campaign especially appropriate for the winter months when Cuties are in stores.

First, we partnered with iHeartMedia to integrate Cuties into the cultural touchstones of our target audience. From radio mentions by celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez to event activations at popular concerts in major markets, Cuties were out in front of millennial parents.

Doubling down on cultural infusion, Cuties built strategic partnerships with popular family, parenting and food influencers. We cultivated a group of one hundred high-impact personalities to create content that supported our goal of bringing 100 Days of Sunshine and happiness.

With Cuties bringing surprise, sweetness and sunshine to daily life, we showed parents that Cuties are perfect for sharing with those they love.

“Knowing what I know now, if I had to make the same decision again, I would choose Bailey Lauerman again 100 times over.”

- Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, VP of Marketing at Sun Pacific Cuties